To download your PRO ruleset use the following url format:



'$oinkcode' and '$version' above is customer supplied. 

$version == the version of your Suricata or Snort IDS. 
$oinkcode == your oinkcode provided after ETPro purchase.  This is provided via email, and in the administrator portal:


Other platforms are available simply by replacing the platform with your desired ruleset. We currently support Suricata 2.0 and above and Snort 2.9.1 and above.

Rule Downloaders:

Suricata-Update is the preferred method of managing Suricata rule files.  Please see instructions here:
Pulled Pork:
If you use Pulled Pork add this to your configuration:


Pulled Pork also has to be told you are running Suricata by using -S

For example, if running Suricata 4.0.3:

$ ./ -S suricata-4.0.3 -c /path/to/pulledpork.conf

Note that Pulled Pork < 0.7.1 doesn't work out of the box with Suricata ET rules.  Please use the latest version here if having issues:


Feedback Tool:
To access the Feedback Tool web interface please visit:

For instructions on registration and usage for the Feedback Tool API please visit:
Pro customers can create a support ticket by emailing support at emergingthreats dot net
Mailing lists:
Pro customers can also ask questions on our mailing list:
#emerging-threats on Freenode