To download your OPEN ruleset use the following url format:



'$version' above is customer supplied. 

$version == the version of your Suricata or Snort IDS. 


Other platforms are available simply by replacing the platform with your desired ruleset. We currently support Suricata 2.0 and above and Snort 2.9.1 and above.

Rule Downloaders:

Suricata-Update is the preferred method of managing Suricata rule files.  Please see instructions here:
Pulled Pork:
If you use Pulled Pork add this to your configuration:


Pulled Pork also has to be told you are running Suricata by using -S

For example, if running Suricata 4.0.3:

$ ./ -S suricata-4.0.3 -c /path/to/pulledpork.conf

Note that Pulled Pork < 0.7.1 doesn't work out of the box with Suricata ET rules.  Please use the latest version here if having issues:


Feedback Tool:
To access the Feedback Tool web interface please visit:

For instructions on registration and usage for the Feedback Tool API please visit:

Mailing lists:
Pro customers can also ask questions on our mailing list:
#emerging-threats on Freenode